Why Use A Professional Head Lice Removal Service

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NitNOT are pround to announce that they are theo only head lice company endorsed by the BAPN British Association of Professional Nannies

Eileen (the owner of NitNOT is a published expert in the respected Mother & Baby magazine

How NitNOT eliminate head lice from your life

Welcome to NitNot, a professional and ethical lice removal service.  Our methods of removal are completely safe, hypo-allergenic, with not toxic chemicals and solvents found in high street products.  We offer a 100% guaranteed service - because we know it works.


If you are looking  for a time efficient, cost effective, stress free way to remove head lice from you family you have come to the right place.  We do all the hard work and offer you a way to get rid of head lice.













Our four step plan at NitNot positions us as one of the best head lice treatments in the market, offering only the most effective head lice treatment. We understand that each client’s case of head lice is different, and therefore adapt our head lice treatment plan to maximise efficiency.


One of the most common mistakes that other head lice treatment providers can make is believing that you should treat every case of head lice the same, but we know that there are plenty of different factors and treatment approaches to consider for every individual case of head lice, which means that the way offer head lice treatment for kids and head lice treatment for adults and other members of the family may vary greatly!


As experts in head lice and nit removal, we are able to consider all the factors necessary to make sure you’re getting the best head lice remedies and treatments that will work for you. We take into consideration the following factors:


●     Age of client

●     Hair type

●     Longevity of infestation

●     Severity of infestation

●     Client allergies

●     Sensitive skin issues

●     Condition of hair


Once we have this information, we’ll be able to help you find the absolute head lice cure so you won’t need to worry about re-infestation of head lice again.

Our Screening Process    

Before we begin treatment, we must first conduct a head lice screening to identify the areas that the head lice are affecting and assess the severity of the infestation. We take a thorough approach to checking for head lice to ensure that we capture a full picture of the infestation of head lice, head lice eggs and nits affecting the scalp. Our head lice screening method involves the following:


We section the hair and analyse each hair strand and shaft using high magnification to make it easy to spot head lice and nits.


We then choose from our selection of patented head lice combs, which are specifically designed to suit a range of hair types.

An organic head lice detection lotion is applied, which slows any live head lice down making them easier to detect.


A manual inspection of the skin on the scalp, neck, ears and face is then conducted to identify any infected head lice bits or wounds.


Once this has been completed, we will provide you with a full report on the level of head lice infestation, and an agreed head lice treatment plan will be put in place.

Why we can offer a 100% guarantee

Our head lice treatment involves meticulous and complete removal of live head lice; our trained therapists will use an upgraded medical vacuum device with a precision metal comb specifically designed for effective head lice removal.

Next, our own NitNOT anti head lice treatment which is 100% dimethicone mineral oil, is applied. Our treatment is a non toxic and is solvent and pesticide free, it works to ease the head lice removal process and ensure maximum comfort for the client during treatment. While killing the head lice and eggs. We believe it is important to use 100% dimethicone oil.  Treatments that need to be shaked before us have a good chance of seperating and not working on the lice and eggs.


We complete a precision combing session, proven to be extremely effective for lice removal. The combing is completed using our own NitNOT Nit Comb that removes head lice, nits and head lice eggs without discomfort. Our trained therapists will be happy to show you how to comb for lice at home. The NitNOT Nit comb we use is a high precision, comb with a gap of 0.15mm gap between the teeth ensure eggs and nits are removed effectively and comfortably.


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