Why Pharmacy Treatments Are not Effective Against Head Lice

When it comes to head lice and nits, everyone thinks that they have the perfect treatment. Your pharmacist will often recommend treatments over the counter, but they can be difficult to use correctly at home and therefore you run the risk of an ineffective treatment and possible reinfestation. So what are the treatments that pharmacies and other head lice clinics recommend and why might they not be as effective as our treatments at Nit Not.


Head Lice Repellents

Often stocked by pharmacies as a preventative measure as well as a supposed cure, head lice repellents are simply ineffective. Head lice will still travel head to head and applying a lice repellent after the infestation has taken place will only be as effective as a hot air device in that some of the lice will run away rather than stick around to be killed properly.


Chemical Insecticides

Most often recommended by chemists, insecticide products are designed to kill head lice in a variety of ways from poisoning to paralysis. However, you must only use these treatments as a treatment and not as a preventative measure - the more you use the product, the more the lice will become resistant and your child may become reinfested. They can be very harsh on the skin, eyes and repertory system


It’s not only bad treatment that can cause head lice treatment to be ineffective, but bad advice too…


Treat Everyone to Avoid Head Lice Re-infestation


Just treating the child that has contracted head lice is not enough, and not giving family members treatment at the same time can be just as damaging to the effectiveness of the treatment. If you pharmacist recommends that you only treat your child, bear in mind that if the head lice have spread to other family members you could be facing reinfestation very shortly.  We offer a screening service and can advice who has and who has not been infested in the family.


Our Head Lice Treatment Method

We section your child’s hair and vacuum it with a medical lice device that captures live lice, we will then conduct a full comb out and apply a chemical free topical rinse. We conduct an intensive strand inspection to ensure that all eggs and nits are removed.


Read more about our services and head lice removal methods at Nit Not before you rush to the pharmacy or you may end up purchasing an ineffective treatment.


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