Why are nits so difficult to remove from hair?

Explaining nits in your hair

Nits are the shells left behind on the hair after the nymph (baby head louse) has hatched from the egg.

When the female head louse lays an egg, she first of all expels liquid around the hair shaft and then makes a little tear drop shape and the baby louse is put in iside the shell with embrionic fluid and a cap is put on the top and sealed.

The liquid turns hard, the reason that nits are so difficult to remove from the hair is the way that the the shell is first wrapped around the hair shaft and then the egg is (like a little balloon.  Many people think that the shells are just planted on the hair but if you look at the photo of head lice eggs and nits below you will see there is a tube and then the shell or egg.  The construction of the shell is a very similar compound to that of keratin which human hair is made of.  This is why chemicals, vinegar, mouthwash do not dissolve eggs because if they did they would also dissolve human hair.

In human hair the head lice egg containing the baby louse and fluid is translucent and reflects the colour of the host's hair, when it is just the nit then they look white in the hair as the shell is no longer reflective. 

The left photograph of head lice eggs show the cap on the top. On the right is a nit where it is an empty shell.

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