Head Lice and Nit Nightmare

What happens if you don't treat head lice

Many people seem to think that head lice will just go away even if you do not treat them.  The answer to this is a categorical "No".  Head lice will only go away if they are treated, along with the lice eggs.

There is no single 100% effective method, but with a combination of different methods the lice and eggs can be exterminated.

Methods used by NitNot are manual removal with a professional comb, a non-toxic dimethicone topical rinse, a vacuum to remove live lice, and a regulated thermal application to make egg removal more comfortable.

If the head lice are not treated properly within two to three weeks, the live lice infestation will populate the head of the host again.

If the head lice infestation is never treated it will soon escalate. Every head louse can lay 100 eggs in her lifetime, it takes seven to ten days for an egg to hatch and a further ten days for a head louse to be able to mate and lay eggs. The maths speaks for itself:

1 x louse x 35 eggs in first week x 20 days to hatch and become fertile adult louse = 35 head lice in three weeks

65 eggs laid over twenty days x 20 days to hatch and become fertile = 65 head lice in one month

100 lice x 100 egg in first 50 days = 1000 lice in six weeks

It just snowballs from here and keeps on growing and growing.

The Metro recently wrote an article about a girl who had visible head lice in the thousands. To read more, follow this link:



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