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Catching Head Lice - In The News

Sometimes it is as plain as the head in front of you, that you happen to be combing for lice every couple of days for months.  When your little ones school sent the dreaded "Lice in your childs class" text, email or letter.

Other times it is a complete mystery but have you thought if you have been swimming and picked up the wrong towel when you could not see what you were doing because your eyes were stinging from chlorine or shampoo, or the time you were standing on a packed train with the lady that was next to you with her beautiful long shiny hair touching you shoulder.

The above are rare cases, but as head lice are becoming more resilient to pharmacy head lice treatments, more and more people are getting this annoying and uncomfortable infestation.

The Express have written an article about three ways you can get head lice in your hair, without having a school aged child in site.

I just want to put this in perspective before you read the article, that it is very rare for this to happen, head lice can live for up to forty eight hours off, of a head.  However after eight hours with their, two hourly feed on human blood, they can no longer lay eggs.  So it would be very, very bad luck to catch head lice without hair to hair contact.

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