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Here at NitNot, we know that you’re looking for a professional and effective solution for treating head lice. We offer head lice screening and detection in Watford, as well as a full head lice treatment plan to combat the nits and head lice and help to prevent reinfestation.

Discreet Head Lice Treatment Watford

Very common amongst children, it’s likely that your child may suffer from head lice during primary school. Ordinarily, children may become embarrassed or upset at learning they have head lice and worry about how their classmates might react - but at NitNot we make sure that your child needn’t worry about being made fun of. It’s important that you notify the school of an outbreak, but our anonymous service means that we can contact the school on your behalf making sure that we mention no names. This way your child can remain anonymous, but parents and pupils can take precautions to try and stop the spread of head lice in the school.

Professional Head Lice & Nit Removal Watford

It may seem like an easy solution to choose an over the counter treatment for getting rid of head lice, but not all of these treatments are effective in eradicating the infestation completely. Our method at NitNot is proven to be much more effective; we use a specialist medical device that vacuums nits and head lice from sections of hair, after which we conduct a full comb out and apply a chemical free treatment to the hair. Finally, we’ll complete a visual inspection to ensure that all remaining nits and head lice have been removed. Take a look at our services if you’re looking for an effective head lice removal service in Watford for more information.


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