How to Eliminate Head Lice at Home

How to apply NitNOT Anti Head Lice Serum to Eliminate  Head Lice and Eggs
Easy To Follow Instructions For Applying NitNOT Serum

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Introducing our very own NitNOT Anti Head Lice Serum

This product has been developed and used with 100% success in our clinic, it is safe and easy to apply.  It contains no harmful solvens or toxic chemicals.  It is 100% dimethicone mineral oil and is completely hypo-allergenic.  It is so mild it can be used by and member of the family, including breast feeding and pregnant ladies.

It works by blocking the head louse from losing their bodily fluids. Head lice do not wee, they perspire their fluids through a vapour, the serum blocks this and the adult and baby lice die within minutes. 



How to Use NitNOT Anti Head Lice Serum


Tip: If you are the person applying the treatment, cover your own hair with a hat or shower cap to eliminate cross contamination. Cover the shoulders of the person being treated with an old towel.


Day 1: First Application

Apply on dry hair only. We recommend you use our NitNOT Head Lice and Nit Comb. Short Hair: Apply 25-50ml of serum over the scalp, massaging into the roots, combing through the entire hair shaft, ensuring that the scalp, hair and hairline is moist and shiny.

Long Hair: Section the hair in straight horizontal sections, working on one section at a time. Apply up to approx 100ml of serum directly to the scalp and roots, combing through the entire hair shaft, ensuring that the scalp, hair and hairline is moist and shiny.

For all hair lengths leave the serum on for a minimum of two hours.

Day 7-10: Second Application

To break the life cycle YOU MUST RE-APPLY 7 to 10 days after the first treatment, following the steps above.

With heavy infestations check the hair again after a further 7 days. If in the unlikely event any head lice are still present, re-apply the serum.

Friendly Advice: Check all the family for infestation, wash all combs and brushes.


Washing Out Tip: Wet hair, apply household washing up liquid and massage until hair lathers. Rinse thoroughly and apply shampoo and conditioner as normal. This treatment will kill live head lice and eggs but to remove eggs and nits from hair they will need to be combed out.

Warnings: To avoid slip hazards clean any spills. Clean bath, showers

& sinks after treatment. There are no reported side effects with 100%

dimethicone. In very few cases a slight rash may appear but will

subside quickly. If pregnant or breastfeeding or under 3 years of age

consult with your doctor before using this serum. Keep out of reach of

children. Keep cap securely fastened and store below 30oC. If the

serum gets in anyone’s eyes wash it out with tepid clean water.

NitNOT treatment is only for external use. Avoid using on broken skin.

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