NitNot Tring

When faced with a case of head lice, it’s important that you get professional treatment in order for it to be effective. Here at NitNot, we offer head lice screening and treatment in Tring to help you combat the lice, and make sure that you have advice and follow-up screenings available to you to prevent cases of reinfestation.

Discreet Head Lice Treatment Tring

Head lice can be a natural but stressful experience for children in primary school. The fear of embarrassment among classmates and parents can be daunting, but we at NitNot offer a discreet and anonymous service that allows us to get in touch with the school without mentioning names to let them know about the case of head lice. This means that other pupils and parents can take preventative measures against head lice and cases of reinfestation, without your child having to suffer any embarrassment.

Professional Head Lice & Nit Removal Tring

It’s important to get the right head lice treatment for your child, and there are plenty of options out there to choose from! However, we believe that our NitNot method is the most effective. We have access to a specialist medical lice device that allows us to vacuum nits and head lice from sections of your child’s hair. This treatment is then followed by a full comb out and chemical free topica rinse, and a thorough strand inspection to ensure that all nits and lice have been removed. If you’re looking for a head lice removal service in Tring, learn more about our services and how NitNot can help protect you and your family against head lice.


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