Supporting Your Child Through Head Lice

Embarrassing Head Lice

We understand that having head lice can be really embarrassing for your child, and that you don’t want to put them through any undue stress while they’re undergoing treatment for the dreaded nits. Especially if they’re the first in the school to start the infestation, your child can go through feelings of shame that can really upset them and knock their confidence.


We don’t want any child to feel as though they can’t face school or their classmates because they’re embarrassed about having nits, which is why we feel it's important to give our parents the information they need to be able to properly support their child through an infestation of head lice.


Know The Facts About Head Lice & Nits

The truth is that at any one time, there are likely to be even one or two children at the school that are battling a head lice infestation. The levels of infestation in schools remains pretty constant throughout the year and from year to year, so your child should by no means feel like ‘patient zero’ when it comes to the spread of nits.


Head lice are really common when it comes to having young children in the family, and they don’t carry any disease or have anything to do with bad personal hygiene - there should be no shame associated with having nits and your child should be armed with the facts in case any uninformed children try to tease them.

Don’t Play The Blame Game When it Comes to Nits

As soon as you’re alerted to a case of the nits, it’s important that you don’t teach your child to point fingers at the first child to be known to have them - not only will this encourage the child to feel isolated from the rest of the class, but it simply may not be true that the head lice came from them! Head lice are sometimes not easy to detect straight away as you’ll only get itching symptoms if you’re allergic to their saliva - which isn’t always the case! Any child in the class could have had nits for a while and simply not have known.


Keep Head Lice Infestation Anonymous

The good news is that The Department for Children, Schools and Families don’t advise that pupils should be excluded from school based on a head lice infestation. This means that if your child does have head lice, it should be fairly easy to keep them anonymous if they don’t wish to be identified out of embarrassment. The teachers and staff at the school will need to know, but they’ll never be knowingly ‘outed’ based on exclusion alone.


If you’re worried about children in the class finding out that your child has nits and feel uncomfortable alerting the school yourself, we at Nit Not offer a confidential alert service that means we email the school in the strictest of confidence to let them know that a child in the school current has head lice. We will mention no client names, but by doing so the school will be able to help you to minimise the risk of the head lice spreading, or your child becoming reinfested with head lice. Learn more about our services and how Nit Not can help your child keep their self confidence while suffering with nits.


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