Super Lice

Super Lice

A recent article in The Mail Online reports how Doctor Daniel Thomas and his team researched the new breed of head lice collected from school children in Wales.

It was found that head lice are mutating and becoming immune to the effects of pharmacy chemical head lice treatments and nit shampoos which is seeing growing cases of head lice in the UK with this breed of Super Lice.

In the report they suggest that Doctor Daniel Thomas researched on 4,000 nits collected however if this was the case he would have been looking at empty shells as this is what nits are.  I am sure the reporter was meant to say viable eggs as these are the shells with the nymphs (baby lice) still incubating inside.  The viable eggs when first hatch are almost invisible to see with the human eye but after two or three days they do become more visible in the hair.

It is interesting to read how these super lice have changed and are now no longer being killed by chemical solutions and other methods are being found.  In America, Canad, Aurstailia and Europe Head Lice Removal Service Centres are common place.. However in the UK they are not.  NitNOT was opened by a mum who wanted to provide and efficient and cost effective treatment centre.  Making head lice and easy and controllable to manage.  NitNOT offer a 100% effective guarantee which you can trust.


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To read more from the article about Industructable lice follow this link



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