Shaving hair to remove nits and head lice

Nits and head lice

The daily mail reported an article on a mum of a little boy who had been in nursery for only a couple of weeks, when he came home one day with a head full of head lice.  In her state of panic the mum decided to shave the little tots hair.  Thinking she was all clear she soon realised the little lice bugs were crawling on his scalp with eggs in his hair.

Why does shaving not get rid of head lice.  The facts are that


Lice feed on human blood, while they are doing this they are obviously very close to the scalp

Head lice run very fast about 30cm in a minute so will run away from any noisy implements straight to the safety of the scalp

Even a number on is not as short as a louse is small as a fully grown head louse is only the size of a sesame seed

Lice eggs that are glued to the hair shaft when the female lays the egg are laid withing half a centimetre to the scalp, so viable eggs will still be in the hair.  They will then hatch in seven to days and hey presto! Yet, another lice infestation.

So, keep your childrens beautiful hair and do not rush to the shaver.

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