Safe Head Lice Treatment

Head Lice and Nit Removal Treatment Warnings

Poor behaviour is linked to head lice treatments: Chemicals used to tackle the problem may effect nerve activity in the brain.


It is bad enough when you find out that you have head lice and nits in the family, then you have to find a treatment for your family that not only works but does not trigger of other problems.


It is wise to research about the head lice treatments available on the market and what they contain, as some head lice treatment contain harmful chemicals with serious side effects.


It is possible to go down an organic route with treatment but these do involve a lot of combing over a few weeks that depending on the hair you are combing can take one to three hours per session.  It is not only time consuming but you must be certain that you have combed out every last louse and louse egg from the hair.  Otherwise, your nightmare will return in a couple of weeks. When the whole cycle starts again.


In the report quoted above for the Daily Mail, it has been reported that after trials in France on head lice removal treatments that are available in the UK. French academics at the University of Rennes, suggests they may not be as safe as previously thought. However, other scientists were sceptical of their findings – and the researchers themselves were cautious.

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