Professional Head Lice Salon Near Me

Need someone to help with head lice?

NitNOT are a professional head lice salon based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.  We offer a 100% guaranteed service where will kill and remove all viable head lice and lice eggs, breaking the cycle and stopping the infestation.  It takes two appointments, the first will last up to two hours, where we us various methods including dehydration of the eggs, suction for live head lice and a 100% safe rinse that is non-toxic to the hair.  We then us our precision combs to extract,  head lice, eggs and nits for the hair.

How do NitNOT succeed when other treatments fail?

  • NitNOT are highly trained in screening and removal of head lice infestations

  • Each member of the team is passionate about helping our customers

  • With a scientific and methodical approach we can guarantee the shutdown of every infestation

  • Our precision comb has a 0.1mm gap between the teeth, the currently available combs are 0.3mm a head lice egg can be 0.2mm and when the 0.3mm combs are pulled over the live eggs that are filled with fluid the comb can squeeze the egg but not pull the egg off the hair

  • Our treatment rinse has the highest clinical success rate

  • Out sectioning technique for combing the hair is proven to be more successful than traditional methods as it ensure 100% coverage.

Professional head lice clinic near me

To book an appointment or for more information on our service please phone 01442 388879​ or click here to go to our contact page


67a Marlowes Court

Hemel Hempstead

HP1 1LE 

Call : 01442 388879 


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