NitNOT Nit Comb

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The NitNOT Nit comb is the best comb to use for performing regular weekly checks for head lice, nits and eggs and treating an infestation.


 UNIQUE INTERCHANGEABLE comb method meaning you are in control of which comb you need to deal with your unique families needs.
 LARGE COMB: A SEARCH & REMOVE COMB for weekly checks. Removes head lice, nits and eggs from thick, curly and Afro hair with ease.
 SMALL COMB: A PRECISION COMB to remove stubborn white nits that other combs miss. Comfortable for young children, babies and those with fine hair.
 FASTER – at least three times more effective than the standard comb**
 COMFORTABLE for the comber and the person being checked because of perfectly designed dimensions of teeth.
 MORE EFFECTIVE than standard combs thanks to the closer spaced teeth*, which remove even minuscule nit shells.
 ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED handle with dimples enables you to check and tackle any issue more efficiently***
 FREE FROM SNAGGING AND SHREDDING combing experience leaving the hair in good condition without damage.
 GLIDES easily against the scalp even on short hair, ensuring every last nymph egg and tiny nit is found and removed with ease.
 ENDORSED by the BAPN (British Association of Professional Nannies) – as the best head lice treatment on the market.
 HYGIENIC combs can be removed from the main handle and cleaned at high temperatures.
 ANTIBACTERIAL qualities found in the copper teeth
 CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVED the NitNOT comb has been used and developed in our clinic by professional head lice technicians.
 LIFE-SIZE LICE CYCLE GUIDE included with the comb so you know exactly what to look for
 ETHICAL PACKAGING and made to last

*Our comb teeth are closer together than any other on the market. With gaps spaced at 0.1 mm apart, they can extract the smallest lice or egg. Other standard lice and nit removal combs have gaps of around 0.3mm, but nymphs (baby lice) and eggs can measure 0.2mm

**This is due to there being over 300% extra high precision teeth.

***It has been scientifically proven that a 16-degree angle (the angle of the NitNOT comb) allows for 30% more efficient combing.

Product Details

The NitNOT comb, with it’s specifically designed teeth and ergonomically angled handle, will enable you to tackle this sensitive issue faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The NitNOT comb is to be used for both treating an infestation and for regularly checking for lice to ensure that your battle against head lice is a raving success! Watch our video on how to use the NitNOT comb HERE.

Finally, we strongly recommend that you use the NitNOT comb alongside our NitNOT ECO Head Lice, Egg & Nit Serum.  This hypoallergenic, pesticide and chemical-free treatment kills all lice and eggs without harming sensitive scalps, meaning you only need to concentrate on removing dead lice and eggs with the comb*.

*NitNOT Serum is scientifically proven to cause anoxia, preventing the lice and eggs from being able to release waste gases.  This process kills all lice and eggs.  NitNOT Serum is also scientifically proven to be hypoallergenic and not absorbed by the skin.