NitNOT ECO hypoallergenic* anti-head lice serum

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NitNOT ECO hypoallergenic* anti-head lice serum

  KILLS ALL head lice, eggs and super lice without damaging the scalp.
  100% non-toxic, hypoallergenic*
 ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY without compromise on performance.
 EXCELLENT VALUE: Comes in an eco-friendly 200ml easy applicator bottle – cost-effective as one bottle is more than enough to treat the whole family!**
 SAFE head lice treatment serum which has no side effects, contains no harmful chemicals, fragrances or solvents and is the perfect head lice treatment for children.
 KIND on sensitive skin* and sits on the surface, not absorbed by the skin*
 PROFESSIONAL GRADE FORMULA: This treatment has been used within our UK head lice removal centre with a 100% success rate.
 ENDORSED by the BAPN (British Association of Professional Nannies)– as the best head lice treatment on the market.
 ETHICAL and 100% recyclable packaging.

*scientifically proven to be hypoallergenic and NOT absorbed by the skin.

**Based on an average-sized family 

Product Details

NitNOT Eco head lice treatment serum is a 100% dimethicone (mineral oil) solution that kills head lice, super lice and eggs, safely and effectively.

It is hypoallergenic and free from perfumes and harmful additives. It works on all stages of head lice as it stops the lice from releasing its bodily fluids, causing almost instant death, it also prevents the eggs from developing.

The shape of the nozzle allows for quick and easy application, and easy-to-follow video instructions which you can view here...

Not only is NitNOT certified by the government's Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), but it's also the only lice treatment that has been endorsed by The British Association of Professional Nannies. (BAPN)

NitNOT is also the only Eco-friendly certified lice treatment on the market.