Preventing head lice

How to prevent head lice - Gloucestershire News.

Why nits and head lice are on the rise and what parents can do about it is the headline from the Gloucestershire News.  Alarming many parents that the probability of getting head lice is on the increase.

But, why......there are a few reasons over the past few years there has been medical research carried out as pharmacy off the shelf head lice treatments are no longer working.  It seems that head lice are mutating into what is now been referred to as "Super Lice". They are not growing to enormous, monster sizes.  They are in fact becoming resilient to the chemicals in the Nit treatments, parents can purchase from chemists and supermarkets.  In some cases the eggs have been found to be getting smaller making it harder to remove them from the hair.

Another reason is though schools have a "tie hair back policy" it is very apparant that in senior schools this not being done as we are seeing just as many teenagers as primary school children in our head lice removal salon in Hemel Hempstead. Also the "selfie" culture where groups of kids lock heads together for photos each day to post on the social media.

Head lice repellents have no medical proof that they work so the NHS will not advise to use these.  If you do want to use them remember to spray throughout the day as when the head gets hot the fragrance that is meant to repel head lice will evaporate.

The only sure way to prevent lice is to routinely one a week comb with a lice comb with conditioner in the hair, wiping on a white tissue/towel and checking for little lice bugs.  This way there will not be time for the eggs to hatch and treatment can commence.

It is important to remember there is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about as next to the common cold children will catch head lice.  

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