Why do head lice treatments not work?

This is a question I am asked by many parents trying to tackle head lice infestations in their families.

There are many reasons in my opinion.

Chemical solutions have been recently researched and it has been found that head lice have become immune to many of the chemicals in certain head lice treatments.

Treat and go treatments where they only need to be left for 15 minutes and no need to comb. This is really pushing the limits of any treatment in our opinion as it can take more than 15 minutes to kill a head louse, and with no combing adult head lice can remain in the hair to continue laying eggs.

Combs. The only combs available in the UK and U.S have a gap of 0.3mm between the teeth of a comb and eggs can be 0.2mm and as they contain fluid can have the teeth run over them and not be slid down the hair shaft.

Conditioner and combing is difficult as when you comb through the hair and left with a white gloopy mess it is very difficult to see if the conditioner is clear or full of tiny eggs, though the adult lice are easier to see.

At NitNOT we use a process that allows us to offer a 100% effective guarantee to shutdown a head lice infestation. We screen the hair, remove live lice, treat live eggs, then apply a treatment that kills any remaining eggs and head lice, while the hair is lubricated we use a high precision comb with a 0.1mm gap (smaller than an egg) so that viable head lice eggs can be removed. We follow this up with an appointment seven to nine days later, where we screen, re-apply a treatment and comb, this will break the cycle. In some cases a third appointment is advised to ensure complete eradication, or for cosmetic reasons to remove noticeable nits in the hair

NitNOT are bringing out their own precision comb in September if you would like to pre-prder please email us on info@nitnot.com

These are the opinions and experience of NitNOT


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