Nit Combs, Do They Work?

Updated: Mar 14, 2018 use a newly patented comb that is far more effective than the leading combs.  The important thing when combing is to effectively remove all eggs from the hair otherwise within a few weeks the head is alive with lice again.

The comb needs to be easy to clean as in combs with long teeth, the live eggs can collect at the bottom of the teeth where the handle is. When the comb is placed back in the hair live eggs and nymphs (baby lice) can be transmitted back into the hair, thus making all your hard work in vain.

There are many head lice combs on the market at the moment, but most have a gap between the teeth of 0.3mm bearing in mind an egg is on average 0.1mm. Nymphs are so small that they are difficult to see with the human eye.

It is important that the comb is comfortable to hold, and that you can get enough tension on the hair to be able to comb against the hair shafts while pulling the eggs and lice off.

Above is a photo of our comb next to a popular grooved lice comb. You can see the difference. We also angle our combs at sixteen degrees that makes combing thirty percent more effective - imagine three heads being better than two.

A comb is the best prevention for preventing head lice, getting into a routine of once a week combing.

When you get treated at we will show you how best to comb out for lice and eggs, for each of your children's hair type. are a professional head lice removal service clinic that offer a 100% guarantee you can trust to remove all live head lice and eggs. are the light at the end of the tunnel, saving, time, money and stress. For more information on successfully removing head lice eggs go to services and prices page or call for an immediate appointment on our contact us page.


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