What does a heavy head lice/nit infestation look like?

In the clinic many people come in worrying that they have the worst case of head lice ever. Though it may seem bad to them, in reality I find that most parents have kept on top of it, either combing or using treatments. The fact is they are doing NOTHING WRONG. It is in fact quite often the treatment or the comb that is not up to the job.

The cycle continues as the live lice and eggs are not being killed or removed and the cycle continues. It can be a very stressful and anxious time for parents that are concerened that they will pass them onto someone else or that someone will see them in their hair.

I have had children that do not want to got to school and adults whose work it is effecting. It can get people into such a state they do not want to leave the house.

So, back to the head line question I have seen some very heavy cases that it is impossible to get a nit comb through from the scalp so you have to work further down the hair and then work towards the scalp. Often the hair is matted because of the density of eggs, live lice and in some cases decaying old lice.

In this photo the customer had been struggling with head lice for over five years, we had to apply treatment and then comb with a normal comb to un

tangle the matting hair, then section by section work on the hair. This is a long process but worth it in the end. The work continues.


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