UK head lice epidemic

You may have read in the press recently that it has been predicted that because GP's funding for head lice treatments have been slashed, making people on lower incomes unable to afford head lice lotions.

Schools are feared to soon be inundated with cases of pupils catching the insects in their hair as we head into the first winter with the new NHS guidelines.

At our head lice treatment clinic we have many parents seeking treatment for their children as treatments that were prescribed are no longer effective on over 80% of head lice as they are pesticide based and head lice are showing high cases of immunity.

What can be done? In my opinion it is time for schools to introduce positive lines of communication, encouraging parents to be more open when their children have a case of head lice. The earlier a case of head lice is treated the easier it is to deal with. Parents need to know there should be no shame or embarrassment having head lice. As long as you have hair lice will crawl on and start laying eggs - within three weeks one head louse will lay up to one hundred eggs.

When kids go to school they are more than likely going to get many infections colds, chicken pox and head lice. So, mums, dads and carers lets just be open let the school know as soon as possible and get these little critters out of your life.


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