Teenagers Head Lice Cases Increasing In Senior SchoolsTeenagers Head Lice Cases Increasing In Senior

NitNOT head lice clinic based in Hertfordshire are seeing more and more senior school pupils coming through their doors for treatment. It used to be mainly a primary school issue, but NitNOT clinic reports it is almost a fifty/ fifty split now between primary and senior school students. Eileen, the owner of NitNOT, says that it seems that teenagers struggle to have cases diagnosed. "Only a third of people get itchy with head lice when they are allergic to the bites. Because the majority of teenagers wash and style their hair, parents do not get the chance to check their older children, so cases are often quite severe by the time head lice and nits are discovered." There are many reasons why head lice are becoming prolific among our teenagers. Technology trends and styles have all led to lots of close hair to hair contact. Fashion for long and loose hair, taking selfies, sharing mobiles to look at social media, and all the hugging and kisses that teenagers are doing with their friends every time they greet or leave each other. All these scenarios provide perfect opportunities for head lice to move from one host to the next. So what can be done? Insist your kids with long hair keep it tied up in a bun, plait or a ponytail at the nape of the neck and only have hair down for special occasions to reduce the risk. The female louse crawls down the hair shaft and waits to come into contact with another person's hair, long-haired girls and boys are consequently at a much higher risk. Advise your child not to share their hairbrush and have separate hair brushes for all the family at home. Teach your teen how to check effectively for head lice to ensure that any infestation is tackled early on, how to check for head lice can be found on our website. It is crucial to be aware that there is no medical evidence that essential oils such as tea tree provide any defence to head lice, and to be mindful that they can cause nasty skin irritation. Essential oils are quick to evaporate on a warm scalp, and a female head louses genetic profile to colonise is far stronger than their dislike for essential oils. If you do find head lice or have been struggling with an infestation, we can offer a 100% guarantee of success at our clinic. If you prefer to DIY then our fantastic NitNOT Anti Head Lice Treatment is available on Amazon. Remember to comb through with a standard big comb - do not massage as eggs can hide in the tangles massaging the hair makes. Always repeat the treatment seven to nine days later to ensure the life cycle is broken.

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