Teenagers and head lice

Head lice are not just a primary school problem, senior schools are recording more and more cases of head lice. There are various reasons for this,

Fashion for long hair to be worn down.

Schools not enforcing a hair tied back policy

The use of mobile phones where hair to hair contact is made e.g. selfies

Head lice becoming immune to head lice treatment

At NitNOT we deal with many teenagers each week that are suffering from head lice, it can effect their confidence, work at school and social activities. As they are constantly worrying that the head lice are visible. The stress and anxiety that is brought with an infestation can be overwhelming for parents and their teenage children.

The easiest way to get rid off head lice is to make an appointment and attend the NitNOT clinic, where your teenager will realise they are not alone and that it is not their or your fault. It is estimated that 8% of any class will have head lice at any one time. Our therapists will explain how to prevent re infestations, while treating the hair and answer any questions to put your teenagers mind at rest. Our clinic is discreet and we do not take walk in appointments so they can be assured of complete confidentiality. Head Lice love clean hair, loving families that snuggle up and cuddle.

In many ways it is harder for teenagers to cope with because of all the social pressures they go through. Please call NitNOT ON 01442 388879 or email info@NitNOT.com for further information and bring the smile back on your teenagers face.


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