Parents Urged To Check For Head Lice

Eagle Radio6:00am 16th April 2018 (Updated 9:49am 16th April 2018)

Parents and carers of children across Surrey and Hampshire are being urged to check for head lice.

The advice comes as many go back to school for the summer term this week.

Experts say the holidays are when children are most likely to become infested.

Entomologist Ian Burgess said detection is key: "If you look preferably with a plastic detection comb then you're likely to find an infestation before it has a chance to establish.

"You should always check before you go back to school because if you do check at that time any transmissions that might occur in school will be stopped."

The once a week take a peek website has more advice on how to check - and what to do if you find lice or nits in your child's hair

NitNOT say: . Advice for all parents not just Surrey and Hampshire. The best way to check is on wet hair after washing with shampoo and conditioner. When checking do not use conditioner as it is very difficult to see the eggs and lice. The comb needs to start at the scalp and go all the way down the hair shaft and off. Wipe after each stroke on a white tissue. If you are worried or need advise go to our webisite for further information. 01442 388879


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