Mums With Head Lice

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

It is just such a horrible thing to discover that your kids have caught head lice, but there is worse to come - when you get them as well!  We are here to help we can give you a full screening at the same time you bring your little ones to be treated.

Sometime you just do not want to ask your best friend or partner to check your hair and even if you do - they probably do not know what they are looking for as they can be very difficult to find as they camouflage extremely well and run away from light.

Quite often it can just be the thought of lice that can send people into a tail spin. "Ghost lice" are when you can feel something crawling in your hair and in fact there is nothing there apart from your nerves frazzling!  Often unfortunately there is, and that is where we offer an effective solution for head lice and nits that you have caught from you little darlings.

We will treat and remove all traces of lice and nits from your hair, call us for an appointment.In the meantime, here is a little video to just let your know you are not alone - millions of mums and dads around the world have hugged their kids and ended up with a little gift in return.  

Introducing the very funny Whitney Cicero aka The New Stepford... are a professional head lice removal service clinic that offer a 100% guarantee you can trust to remove all live head lice and eggs. are the light at the end of the tunnel, saving, time, money and stress. For more information on successfully removing head lice eggs go to services and prices page or call for an immediate appointment on our contact us page.



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