How to treat your family for head lice successfully.

The person treating should always cover their own hair

Make sure there are not tangles in the hair

Comb the treatment with a thick comb to avoid tangles and knots where lice and eggs lurk

Repeat after 7 to 10 days even if you do not see anything. This ensures the life cycle will be broken - which means no more lice.

Use Washing up liquid to wash treatment out of hair - it is kind on skin and washes the oil out in one wash.

Do not worry if scalp still itches for a few days after treatment, it is the saliva in the louse that cause itchy skin. The bites will take a few days to disperse after treatment.

Always wash hair brushes before using after treatment.

Every family member should have their own hairbrush - this is a sure way to spread lice quickly in a family.

No need to boil wash bedding, simply wash as usual.


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