How to treat head lice

- How to treat head lice

So, you have discovered that your family has nits.If it is the first time you have had to deal with head lice crawling in your loved one’s hair it can bring on several emotions such as panic, shock, embarrassment, shame, upset and panic.

First of all, there is no shame and certainly no need to be embarrassed.Nits are a very common childhood infection and after the common cold, the most likely that your child will pick up.

What is the best way to treat head lice? The sooner you act the easier it is to eliminate the problem and break their life cycle. At the NitNOT Head Lice Clinic we provide a professional service so you can leave it to us to eradicate head lice from you family’s hair in just two appointments. We offer a peace of mindguarantee of 100% satisfaction usingourthree-step process.

Firstly, we use a registered medical vacuum device to suck out those little crawling insects. We then apply our NitNOT anti head lice serum and follow this with our own NitNOT combing methodduring which we concentrate on removing live eggs from the hair. This treatment is washed out at home later. You are then booked into a follow up appointment seven to ten days later to ensure the life cycle has been broken during which we apply another treatment.

We understand that our clinic is not easy to reach foreveryone, you might live a long distance away.Therefore, because of the many requests we receive from parents who have heard about our success using NitNOT anti head lice serum, we have now made our serum available to purchase so you can use it at home.Our treatment is successful,and we give clear guidelines on how to use it.

The serum is applied to dry hair using a good comb.If applying to long hair,the hair should be worked on in manageable horizontal sections running from ear to ear.Once a section of hair has been worked through thoroughly and the serum applied to the scalp, move up, section by section until you reach the front hair line. Then ensure all the fine hair around the hair line is covered and that the scalp and hair is moist by combing through for a few minutes ensuring that the hair is tangle free. It is important not to massage into the hair as this can cause tangles and knots which may lead to eggs being left uncoated.

Leave for two hours.During this time if there are a lot of eggs and nits present you can use a nit comb to remove them from the hair while you are waiting for the serum to take effect. Because our serum is clear you will find it easy to see when hair has been cleared of nits and eggs. It also provides a more comfortable combing experience.

Wash out the serum using washing up liquid as this will leave the hair clear of oil and also removedead lice from the hair. Then shampoo and condition as normal.

VERY IMPORTANT – Repeat this process seven to ten days later. It is important that the treatment be repeated no more than ten days later. The is because the female louse takes ten days to reach maturity and start laying eggs. By keeping withinthe seven to ten days you can ensure you will break the lifecycle of any remaining head lice.

We always recommend that with hair having a heavy infestation that it be checked in an additional seven to ten days and apply the treatment if concerned.As there are no harsh solvents, fragrances or toxic chemicals and no side effects, it is safe to use for your whole family.

How to treat headlice


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