How To Remove Head Lice

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

HOW DO I REMOVE HEAD LICE COMPLETELY? That is one of the most common phrases on Google regarding head lice.  Desperate parents having tried every type of head lice lotion and combing for months and in some cases years... But to be honest the head lice removal is the easiest part as most mums will tell you. 

The far more difficult part is the removal of the louse egg. They are far smaller than the lice and nymphs (lice that have not reached puberty) as most combs teeth are too far apart to catch the egg and instead, slide down and off the hair shaft.

At NitNOT we use a four angle method to ensure that all sections of the hair shaft have been combed out other tool is to use a patent approved but not available in the UK at present. Our comb has a distance of 0.1mm which will remove even the smallest of live eggs. We also angle the comb to 16 degrees which increases the effectiveness by a massive 30 percent.

What does a head louse egg look like? 

They can be white to a mid brown colour and when the egg is attached it will drop slightly down while remain  attached to the hair like a tear drop and can be as small as 0.1 mm in size.  There is no doubt they are harder to spot in lighter colour hair this is their way of ensuring that they stay camouflaged and safe from eviction from their new cosy home, though they can often be mistaken for dandruff.  Having an itchy scalp only happens when the host is allergic to the louse saliva when the louse bites and injects their saliva to keep the blood liquid so they can fill their little bellies

. are a professional head lice removal service clinic that offer a 100% guarantee you can trust to remove all live head lice and eggs. are the light at the end of the tunnel, saving, time, money and stress. For more information on successfully removing head lice eggs go to services and prices page or call for an immediate appointment on our contact us page.


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