How long do head lice live off a scalp?

Head lice have amazing claws that grip on to the hair for all their might, having six legs, there is always four claws gripping the hair. The last thing they want to do is leave the hair, as it is their road to their food source, your blood. Head lice need to feed every two to three hours. Their only food source is human blood without this they will die.

Fact 1.

If a head lice falls of your hair, (which is highly unlikely) after eight hours the female louse will not longer be able to lay eggs.

Fact 2

Head lice in some cases can live up to forty eight hours - this is a maximum

Fact 3

When you have treated hair the most important thing to clean is hair brushes as this is the easiest way to for head lice to be re-introduced onto the scalp.

Fact 4

No need to boil and tumble dry bedding, clothes and soft toys. Wash bedding as normal, coats (mainly fur collared coats) and soft can be put asided for a couple of days, It is important to remember the chances of a head louse falling on your pillow, staying on the pillow till you go back to bed in the evening and crawling back on your head is, just not going to happen. They would have fallen off and become incapable of laying eggs but in most cases have died.

Fact 5

Remember all the "panic" led articles about head lice on the internet are basically scare mongering. There is no need to panic, head lice are a very common infection that kids pick up just as easily as a runny nose or chicken pox. One of the biggest reasons for head lice being prevalent in the UK is our "embarrassed or feelings of shame" which stops us talking about them as openly as we do other childhood infections. There should be no stigma in having head lice - all it really means is that you have kids that have friends and a family that are loving and close that hug and cuddle. So, please communicate with your school or other parents so that the outbreak can be dealt with, which will mean your family will not be re-infested. Remember "No shame, no blame". Head lice are a common occurance of childhood..


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