How did we get head lice on lock down, social distancing and isolation?

How did we get head lice on lock down, social distancing and isolation?

This is a question I keep being asked from anxious parents. The truth is head lice have always been caught by siblings because of close hair to hair contact. During the pandemic and while isolated the chances are that families are spending more time in close proximity to each other. It has been about a month now since all schools closed and this is the time that head lice will start to be noticed. Only one in three people get itchy from head lice, as it is an allergic reaction to the saliva and not the crawling that makes people feel itchy. If you find head lice in a family members hai,r it is vital to treat everyone in the household at exactly the same time. Unlike other treatments, NitNOT Serum has no side effects so is safe for the whole family to use. Head lice are so small it is easy to miss when inspecting several heads at the same time. If one head is untreated them within two to three weeks you could be dealing with cross contamination and seeing head lice appearing on the treated heads. So, nip it in the bud and treat the whole family, seven days apart. Fortunately NitNOT Anti Head Lice Serum is a large bottle that should treat an average family of four. Making it very cost effective. Please see our easy to follow instruction on To buy click on the link below


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