Head Lice Won't Go?

Head lice and nits can often send you into a state of panic and stress. Especially when you have used all the treatments in the chemist and combed there hair for hours and hours, with what seems to be no effect.

The first time your child comes home with head lice you will read up on the internet and optimistically buy a bottle of head lice treatment from the chemist believing them when they declare you will be head lice free in a few minutes. Move forward three months and you are still battling with the dreaded little critters. Having followed the instructions and combed just like they do on all the YouTube videos.

At this point we meet many parents when they just do not know what else to do, the relief they all feel when they can sit back in one of our comfy chairs as our staff get to work with our established and proven method for breaking the life cycle and ensuring your family are head lice free.

If you are at the beginning of you head lice journey or you are months in we can clear you and your family of head lice SAFELY, QUICKLY, COMFORTABLY and EFFECTIVELY.

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