Head Lice Treatment Warning

Updated: May 2, 2018

The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) in Ireland have issued a warning regarding some head lice treatments being a fire hazard.

The HPRA have reported that exposure to a naked flame, any heat source, or smoking during the use of some head lice treatment products can cause serious injury.

The HPRA advises that users:

  • Read the information provided with the product prior to use.

  • Ensure you are aware of all warnings on these products.

  • Keep away from naked flames, sources of heat and do not smoke when using these products.

  • Please pass this notice on to all those who need to be aware within your organisation and to any organisation/persons where these products are used.

  • Report any adverse events/incidents associated with these products to the relevant manufacturer and the HPRA.

This means while applying some chemical head lice treatments, do not smoke, have candles lit or use hairdryers on treated hair while the treatment is still applied.

Dublin Fire Brigade were seen to be supporting this message with the following tweet.

Dublin Fire Brigade✔@DubFireBrigade

The Health Products Regulatory Authority (@TheHPRA) has issued a warning

regarding a fire risk wth head lice treatment. Details --> http://www.hpra.ie/docs/default-source/Safety-Notices/sn201808_headlicetreatmentproducts_v34570.pdf?sfvrsn=2 …

9:05 PM - Feb 7, 2018

To read the report in full follow this link


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