Head lice - the last straw to break a mums back

Just the mention of head lice can send the sanest of people into a quivering wreck, the thought of these tiny, little insects crawling around in your hair will send most mum's dropping everything and heading off to purchase every treatment on sale. Weeks and hours later they find themselves, still trying in desperation to get these little critters under control.

However after all the promises of a quick ten minute fix or hours of combing with buckets of thick, gloopy conditioner that makes it impossible to see what you are actually combing out. Only to find that the rest of the family now have their own collection of head lice. It seems never ending and can consume every minute of your day and even nights as you lay in bed imagining you can feel them crawling around.

Unable to go to the hairdressers, finding you do not want to greet anyone with a kiss or hug, in fear you may pass them on or people will see them partying in your hair, it can cause feelings of shame, guilt, embarrassment, bringing your confidence crashing down.

So, what to do? If you live in Hertfordshire or surrounding areas the easiest option is to book an appointment at NitNOT the friendly experts. Here we will kill and remove the live head lice and eggs, breaking the cycle and giving you and your family your sane lives back again. Call today for an appointment on 01442 388879 or email

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