Head Lice - School holidays

It is no coincidence that the peak season for head lice is in September and October following the school holidays. During the Summer, children spend more time playing and within close contact with one another enjoying extra close time with siblings, friends, and new holiday buddies. Holiday camps, plus trips to the park or playground and clubs all provide further hair to hair contact. Close head contact also gives extra great opportunities to the female louse to claw onto new hair that passes by. The louse then clings on and scurries up the follicle to the scalp and starts laying eggs.

During the summer holidays, the weekly routines and timetables tend to become more relaxed too, so checking for head lice can become less frequent. The result is that children's head lice infestations become more established, making it harder to deal with, and more upsetting on discovery.

We recommend that whenever you wash your child's hair, you run a plastic nit comb through and look for adult head lice. These will be a dark brown to a tan colour and about the size of a sesame seed. With every stroke, check the comb or wipe on a white tissue.

If you are unsure what you have combed out, we are happy to offer a free checking service. Take a clear picture of what you have combed out or found attached to the hair, and send via email to info@nitnot.com. We can supply expert advice on whether it is a head louse or an egg. It is important to remember that hair is a filter for pollution and debris so many times it may just be that, and not head lice. However, at NitNOT, we do understand how stressful this can be, and are always happy to help and make sure your kids stay "Lice Free".


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