Head Lice Prevention

Head lice - just the thought brings a shiver to your whole body. As soon as you have successfully been treated for head lice the next question - "How can I stop getting head lice again?". Unfortunately there is nothing on the market that will stop you from getting head lice.

Prevention sprays - may work in the short term - but as soon as your head gets hot the spray evaporates and leaves your head free of whichever fragrance you sprayed onto your cleared head.

Cutting you hair to prevent head lice - seems such a shame if you love you long, luscious locks. Keeping it tied back helps - however - it is is important that braids and pony tails be tied from the nape of the neck. The reason is pony tails that are high up tend to swish around or fall forward when for example you child may be sharing a book with their classmates. As it is hair to hair contact where head lice transfer - crawling from one persons hair to another. Head lice do not jump or fly, they only move by crawling from one hair shaft to another. There claws make it very difficult to move on any other surface other than hair.

Best advice comb the hair once a week after washing to see if any head lice are present. If there are call NitNOT and we will be able to treat the hair and ensure that the head lice do not spread.



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