Head Lice On Public Transport

Over the past six months we have seen a massive increase in adults without kids getting head lice. The common denominator for all of them is that they are travelling on packed public transport.

Quite often people worry that they will get head lice from seats especially after last year’s nonsense about getting them of seat planes. This is highly improbable as head lice have claws that cannot hang onto smooth surfaces and will just fall off.

The most likely way to get head lice is through hair to hair contact as the female head louse after feeding on your blood and laying an egg by your scalp. Will travel down the hair shaft and wait to crawl over onto the first person’s hair that makes hair to hair contact.

Crowded trains and buses that mean people are very close to each other and people with loose hair or even high up pony tails. As soon as contact is made a head louse can crawl onto your hair and within two weeks up to one hundred eggs can have been laid and a colony started breeding in your hair.

What can be done to prevent this? Essential oil will not stop head lice from climbing on board as their genetic programming to conquer new hosts is far greater than that of a fragrance they may not like. In addition to this as soon as your gets warm the fragrance will evaporate so by the time you are on a hot crowded train or bus there will probably be no fragrance left.

Best options keep your tied in a bun or a pony tail or plait from the nape of the neck and pull your hair over to the front of your shoulder. Even better wearing a hat with hair tucked into it would certainly help.

If you do unfortunately contract head lice, firstly do not panic. If you cannot reach our head lice for us to treat you. Then buy our NitNOT Anti Head Lice Serum on Amazon. I can guarantee 100% effectiveness and we are always happy to offer advice. Tip if you have no one to apply the treatment treat for three applications, seven days apart as it can be difficult to ensure you have covered ALL your hair.

Can you catch head lice from trains and buses


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