Head Lice, nits and hair extensions

Dealing with head lice is always going to be stressful till they have successfully been eliminated. However, an extra level of stress is when you have hair extensions and head lice., especially when you have just paid hundreds of pounds on a full head of extensions.

The problem with hair extensions that are glued or beads is that it always makes it far more difficult to ensure that every egg and louse has been killed or removed from the hair and that the infestation has been shutdown.

Combing with hair extensions in, is impossible as you have to comb from the scalp and down the whole hair shaft and off the end of the hair, to ensure that the eggs have been pulled off of the hair.

Head lice treatments can effect the bonds of the hair, personally I have treated my own hair when I have caught head lice and had extensions, I have used our own NitNOT Anti Head Lice Serum which is a 100% mineral oil. My extension were glued in and after three treatments it did soften the bonds. They lasted about another six weeks but did move down the hair slightly. Luckily I had, had the extensions in a few months before.

Would I recommend that you use head lice treatment on extensions? To be honest it all depends on the circumstances. The treatment will not effect the extension hair be it human or synthetic but may effect the bonds.

Head lice and nits in hair extension

Probably the best way is to get the extensions removed and then treat your own hair. After two days there will be nothing alive in your extension hair and the eggs and nits can be removed by sliding them down and off the hair shaft. Or just removing the hairs with eggs and nits on them.

No matter what it will be very frustrating if you do need any further advice please feel free to email us on help@nitnot.com



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