Head Lice Mums Take Action

Interesting reading about USA leading head lice treatment. Where two mums try to take the company on regarding what they believe to be false claims and how their solicitor let them down.

Misconduct in Lice Case Puts AU Professor's Job in Jeopardy

By James V. Grimaldi March 10, 2003

After five long years, American University law professor Mark M. Hager finally is paying the price for his legal misconduct.

Hager was found by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals in December to have engaged in "conflicts of interest, dishonesty" and "improper conduct" when he represented two southern Virginia mothers who wanted to sue the makers of the lice-killing shampoo Nix. The court upheld the D.C. Bar's one-year suspension of Hager and further ordered him to disgorge the $225,000 fee he shared with co-counsel.

Now, American University is trying to kick him off the faculty of the Washington College of Law, according to a filing Hager made with the appeals court. Hager said in an affidavit that the dismissal proceedings began upon notice of his suspension.

Longtime Hearsay readers will remember that Hager's misdeeds occurred in 1997 while he was representing Debra Duke of Richmond and Erika Littlewood of Charlottesville when their children, some of whom are now young adults, used Nix to kill lice. The product didn't work, despite repeated use. They wanted to force Nix maker Warner-Lambert Co. to remove a label saying Nix was 99 percent effective, put more accurate warnings on the product and make a public admission of the existence of Nix-resistant lice.

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