Head lice love a kiss

Many of our customers are astonished that their senior school children are still getting head lice.. Many parents seem to to assume (incorrectly) that head lice are only spread among primary aged children.

The truth of the matter is that head lice, just really do not care whose head they invade, they will set up home on any head as long as it has some hair for them to bring their own families up. Clean, dirty, full of products, dyed hair, permed hair, straight hair, curly hair, blonde, brunette...I could go on but you get the picture. The only people immune to a colonization of head lice are completely bald..

As our culture changes this has an effect on head lice, technology is a possible cause as our younger generations discuss and watch the latest videos on YouTube putting their heads together to watch a tiny screen, group selfies that seem to be a daily ritual for some teenagers.

As Brits we have changed our methods of salutations with friends and acquaintances losing the handshake and becoming

No more head lice

much more close and personal by kissing on the cheek once or twice and then coming in for a hug. Giving all this love is a great way to express your feelings for people and the head louse is very much a fan of our new methods of salutations. As hair to hair contact is the head louses preferred method of transport, the female louse that is ready to lay up to one hundred eggs is waiting midway down the hair to grab hold of its next victim when someone gets close enough.



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