Head lice - let's talk about them!

In days gone by every school was visited by a nit nurse who inspected children’s hair to check if there were head lice infestations. This policy was changed because it was considered bullying and disrespectful. However, cases of head lice have been rising exponentially year on year. Many parents are at their wits end with children repeatedly being infested with head lice.

There are a huge number of myths surrounding head lice. 30% of parents thought that head lice could jump, only 68% of parents could identify a head

louse, the rest were confused by a flea, a mosquito and a bedbug. 48% of children of primary school age children aged 4-11 have experienced 3.6 infestations on average per year. 16% of British parents say they have caught head lice from their children. Head lice are a massive problem which are made worse by ignorance and shame.

Head lice are a huge problem in children of school age. Over 60% of children will catch head lice at some stage during their school years. Out of 11 million school age children, there is a rate of 1.6 million infestations. 20% of parents have had to take time off work or miss a social occasion due to head lice infestation in one or more of their children. 84% of parents don’t think schools are doing enough to tackle head lice infestations according to research.

Parents let's remove the stigma, break the taboo, get rid of the shame and embarrassment and talk openly - so other parents can deal with head lice early and reduce the stress that treating head lice can bring.


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