Head Lice Increase - At School

It is getting to that time of year now, schools are putting on there end of year plays and concerts are being rehearsed and ready to show.

Meantime head lice are having their own party as costumes are passed around, hair is getting brushed with one hair brush, from child to child.

Sun hats are getting mixed up and moving from head to head.

Everyone is hugging each other goodbye in year six and the rest are hugging each other as they will be seperated from each other for six weeks till the new term begins.

Meantime head lice are having an easy time getting from head to head in everyone's hair as they pass from person to person with all the close hair to hair contact, hitch hiking on costumes, hats and hairbrushes. The little critters will spend the summer enjoying the sunshine and meeting the rest of the family.

With the heat heads get hot, sweaty and itchy this does not necessarily mean that someone has head lice as only one in three people are allergic to head lice saliva from when they bite. So, it can be difficult getting head lice early. Looking for live eggs is difficult and usually you can only tell when you see the white nits (empty shells) which means the lice have hatched and within ten days are laying more eggs. A head louse can lay up to 100 eggs in about twenty days and then most of them will go on to lay a 100 eggs and the snowball effect of head lice begins.

To STOP head lice in their tiny little tracks call NitNOT head lice removal service where we offer screenings where are highly trained staff will detect any cases of head lice or give you and your family the all clear. If detected we off a 100% guaranteed service where we kill and shutdown the lice life cycle in just two easy appointments at our discreet and cool head lice removal clinic in Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire (just by junction 8 on the M1 and Junction 21 on the M25.

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