Head Lice in School

Updated: Mar 14, 2018


Did you know a third of all UK school children under 16 were treated for head lice last year? It can be a bit embarrassing but it’s extremely common and has nothing to do with cleanliness. In fact, head lice like clean hair as much as dirty hair and have no preference for hair type, creed or class.

Head lice are tiny insects that can neither jump nor fly. They are transmitted by head to head contact, where they crawl from one host to another. This is why children tend to get them so much, as they often play closely together, especially in the age of the “selfie". It’s easy to pass them on to siblings and family when sharing a lovely cuddle or hug.

Head lice are parasitic, meaning they feed on blood from the scalp. It’s actually the saliva from their feeding which causes the itching and this is why infestations can live on the head for several months before detection. In fact 60% of people do not itch at all.

But what treatment should you choose?

There are so many remedies available at your local chemist, from mousses to shampoos and lotions. Unfortunately it is reported that many lice have now become resistant to these treatments and this can leave live eggs in the hair, which means that a few weeks later you will have gone full circle.

Combing can be time consuming and if you do not know what to look for or, how to comb effectively, this can prove fruitless.

Why use NitNOT.com ?

Nitnot.com will remove 100% of lice and live eggs

We are passionate about offering parents an effective and affordable head lice removal service.

All our staff are highly trained and insured

We treat each client on an individual basis and set a complete treatment plan

Our Four Step Process

1. Full screening using a strand method of detection

2. A medical vacuum aspirator device then is used to remove the live lice

2. Innovative proven four angle combing method and manual removal of eggs and nits

4. Topical non toxic rinse application that is washed out at home

NitNOT.com are a professional head lice removal service clinic that offer a 100% guarantee you can trust to remove all live head lice and eggs. NitNOT.com are the light at the end of the tunnel, saving, time, money and stress. For more information on successfully removing head lice eggs go to services and prices page or call for an immediate appointment on our contact us page.


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