Can you catch head lice from a plane seat?

There have been a host of reports from newspapers trying their best to spoil family holidays by reporting that some medical institutions are saying that it is possible to catch head lice from a plane seat. The need to get many facts right.

1. They have a photo of an insect, however in every photo with each report the insect is not a head louse.

2. If a head louse was to fall onto a head rest its first reaction if it could hold on to the seat would be to crawl away from the light. You would have to extremely unlucky for someone to be sitting in a seat before you, a head lice to fall off (which they very rarely do), then just sit there waiting for another person to get into the same seat for the head louse to then crawl on.

3. Head lice need to constantly feed every couple of hours and after about eight even if they did climb back on they would then be infertile.

4. It is more likely for you to get head lice from your own family when a person with a case of head lice touches hair with someone next to them - maybe resting on the other persons shoulder.

5. They may as well say you can catch head lice from any seat. This is highly unlikely it is far more likely to be transferred sharing hairbrushes when the lice can be carried from head to head quickly.

So enjoy your holiday and relax. Do not be worrying about highly improbable scenarios.


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