Can babies get head lice?

Can babies and toddlers get head lice?

The short answer is "Yes", just like all other humans with hair on their head babies are just as likely to get head lice as anyone else. The probability does increase if they have older siblings at school, as they will be more likely to come into hair to hair contact with someone carrying head lice.

So what can you do? Well, the first thing is when you do a weekly check on your older children, if you find head lice, then it is a good idea to check your baby for head lice as well. The finer the hair, the easier it is to see and treat. NitNOT Anti Head Lice Serum is hypoallergenic mineral oil, and scientifically proven not to be absorbed by the skin, so you can use on your babies scalp without having to worry. What I would recommend is that after applying treatment cover their head with an old cotton bonnet/hat to keep the oil on the head.

In the Mirror they advise that the vinegar and lemon will kill the head lice - this is FALSE, all it will do is evaporate and NOT kill head lice or eggs. The worst part is they say to tie a plastic bag on tightly!! NO! NO! NO! It is unbelievable that a national newspaper is giving this advice!

NEVER, EVER, put plastic bags, cling film or any plastic product on their heads. I have seen this advice on quite a few sites, and unfortunately, it has resulted in the death of a toddler. A parent used mayonnaise and then placed a plastic bag on the child's head, and tragically, they passed away from asphyxiation.


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