Best Head Lice Treatment?

We have so many customers that have spend literally 100's of pounds on all the over the counter head lice treatments in the Supermarkets and pharmacy's. Many declaring that they will kill all you head lice and eggs in just a few minutes.

In my experience I have found you need to read the wording very carefully as, "Yes" one of these treatments may kill some head lice but probably not all of them in just a few minutes. Many of these treatments contain solvents and alcohols which evaporate and leave the eggs and lice still viable and a few days later you start to see adult lice crawling over the scalp and hair.

We use a high cosmetic grade of dimethicone, which has a very specific viscosity. I would certainly never promise that it would kill everything in a few minutes. The first treatment needs to be applied and left for two hours and then a second treatment ideally eight or nine days later. However if it is an established infestation I would also recommend a third application to ensure the life cycle is broken. I believe in being honest and telling the truth without any clever wording. If you follow the instructions on the bottle or watch our video on you can see the perfect way to apply to ensure you kill all the head lice and eggs.

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