Best Hair Style Videos To Prevent Head Lice

The Easter school holidays are nearly here and many children will be spending time with groups of friends, family and camps.

It is of course a time where head lice can spread easily when people are in very close hair to hair contact with each other.

Some preventative measures can me made to minimise the spread of head lice.

Boys and girls with short hair can wear a sun hat or Easter bonnet if the fancy takes you. For people with longer hair a couple of very good styles are French plaits and Dutch plaits.

I have been searching the internet and I found these two easy to follow videos, not only do they look great and stay tidy, these hairdo's look great on any age and can be dressed up for a special occasion with flowers and beads. But, best of all they really help with preventing the spread of head lice as the hair is flat to the head. Why not give them a try



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