Back To School Peak Season For Head Lice

When choosing a treatment for your children of course you want to get rid of the head lice but you will also want to make sure that you only apply a treatment that is kind and safe for their young skin. This is why I have launched NitNOT our best treatment head lice serum.

Having a daughter with very sensitive skin I was shocked to find that all the OTC head lice treatments contain harmful, chemicals, solvents and or fragrances. The perception that essential oils are natural so good for you is also false and many tea tree and other oils apart from having no medical evidence that they will kill or prevent head lice can be very harsh on human skin.

So after much research and many consultations with experts worldwide I am proud to say you can now buy our treatment that has had 100% success in our clinic.

After the long school holidays many young ones will be starting school with head lice, which means they are passed around very quickly when they get back to school. Make sure your little ones are safe and head lice free with NitNOT Anti Head Lice Serum available on our website and Amazon.



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