Are there more head lice at certain times of the year.

Head lice do not having mating seasons, they do however have times when it is easier for the to colonise quicker through hair to hair contact.

At our clinic we always find after school holidays that there are more cases of head lice, this is because children have more chance to spend time with their friends and family, going to the park, sleepovers, cuddling up on the sofa and watching a movie. All these activities include close contact making it very easy for a louse to crawl over to another head and start a new colony.

The summer and winter months make no difference to the louse being able to transfer. In America there are reports of head lice infestations increasing by 50% in some states. In the UK there are no official figures as it is not seen as a hazard. Schools unfortunately on the whole do not get involved with head lice and do not have a nit or lice policy. Some sent out emails saying there is a case of head lice, but do not offer any information or support on how to check or treat with head lice. This approach encourages the "shame and blame" that unnecessarily goes with head lice. There is so much misinformation on the internet if you would like to read up to date information, you are welcome to visit out PARENTS FAQ page.

Hair to hair contact means head lice are spread easily


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