Photographs of Nits

Photographs of Nits

In this photograph you can see where the shell is transparent as the nymph (baby louse) has left the shell and that there is no cap on top.  

Nits are not a danger as they are no longer viable but cosmetically they can be unsightly as they can be very noticeable in darker hair as they appear a whitish creamy colour.

Many people get nits and eggs mixed up thinking they are the same thing.  They are not an egg contains a viable head louse embryo but a nit is an empty shell.  Please note the tube that is first wrapped around the hair shaft and then the shell is formed as part of the same structure this is why they can be very difficult to remove without the correct comb.

Photographs of Nits in hair

Nits (empty shells) are much easier to see and unlike the egg that is translucent and reflects the colour of hair making them almost impossible to see. Once the embryonic fluid and nymph (baby louse) have left the shell they are no longer camouflaged and as in this photo become a white appearance.  Often mistaken for dandruff.  However the easiest way to tell is if it moves when touched or flicked it is probably dandruff if it remains in the same place it will be a nit.

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