Photographs of head lice

Photo of Male & Female Head Lice

When a nymph (baby head louse) hatches from the egg it is so small it is almost impossible to see with the human eye. From hatching to maturity it takes about 10 days, during this time the head louse will shed it's shell three times.  It will mate once and the female louse will lay up to 100 eggs in her lifetime which is a total of 35 days. 

How Small Are Head Lice?

When mature the female louse is larger than a male head louse.

Mature head lice are about the size of a sesame seed about 0.8mm..  When a baby is hatched from the egg it is so small that it can be half the size of a pine head, about 0.3mm

Head lice are very hard to see in the hair as they run from bright light.  They can run up to  30cm in a minute while hiding behind hair.  

Head lice like it where it is warm on the scalp behind the ears, nape of the neck and the crown of the head.  This is also where the eggs are laid. 

How To Kill Head Lice

At NitNOT we use 100% dimethicone without any perfumes, panthenol or any other harmful chemicals  

It works by blocking the persperation system, as head lice do not urinate the perspire excess liguids.  Our product blocks the head lice from perspiring and there organs are ruputred. This process can take thirty minutes to work.  In our experience take longer this is why clients wash their hair at home.

This is a photo where you can see where the organs have ruptured and the head louse is dead.

At NitNOT we always use a microsope to analyse items removed from the clients hair

Head Lice Removal Salon

INitNOT are a head lice removal salon, where you can relax and be comfortable in the knowledge that we guarantee to removal all live head lice and lice eggs for your families hair.  We off a 100% removal guarantee you can trust.  For more details please go to our services and prices or page or to make an appoinmtnent call 01442 388879 or go to our contact us page to make an appointment or enquiry.


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