Photographs Of Head Lice Eggs

Photograph of viable head lice egg

Here is a photograph of a head lice egg it will measure as small as 0.1mm wide by 0.5mm in length.

You will see how the head lice secretes a liquid that covers the hair shaft making a tube and then an elongated bubble where the embryo is placed with fluid and on the top a cap is secured in place.  Many people think that the egg is just stuck to the hair but you can see in the photo that the tube is whole as when it becomes hard it is securely stuck to the hair.

It is very similar to the structure of hair which is made from Keratin.  This is why remedies like vinegar to not dissolve eggs, if it did it would also dissolve hair.

Photograph of head lice egg hatching

In this photo you can see the nymph (baby louse) has broken the cap open and is crawling out of the shell

Head Lice Removal Salon

NitNot was established by a mum called Eileen, who found that if she lived in the USA she could have found a head lice treatment centre close by. However, in the UK this is not the case. Eileen has subsequently trained in several countries and has developed head lice treatment methods that have been approved by leading experts. Using diverse processes in her head lice treatment centre, Eileen and her team can assure clients that within two to three appointments, depending on the age of infestation of the head lice, the nightmare will be over and the head lice and nits will be eradicated.  NitNot will also take time to explain the best ways of preventing head lice, eggs and nits.

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